About Us

Blue eye-ONTREK

OnTrek’s dedicated team has been servicing the hospitality industry for over a decade. We aim to be the unequivocal first choice for customers who want the latest available technology, adaptable and modern aesthetics and the best service for their in-room solutions. We are a privately held group of companies and you will find our team passionate and responsive in providing customer excellence in everything we do.

OnTrek’s product range encompasses a selection of in-room safes, in-room minibars, door hardware, customised and generic key cards, in-room energy saving equipment as well as a range of standby generators. All of our products feature stunning designs and a range of colors and finishes – working with you to ensure that we can make your next project a standout one.

OnTrek Asia’s home base is in Taipei, from where it has expanded into various Pacific markets. In line with our island’s clean and green image, we take our environmental responsibility very seriously. To this end, we were amongst the first in the industry to introduce lead free safes, CFC free minibars and low voltage blue LED panels.

We thank you for visiting our pages and welcome your inquiries for further information. Simply choose your nearest Ontrek office from our contacts page.

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